Adaptive Vaulting

Vaulters del Sol offers lessons to people with special needs and challenges. With an emphasis on focus, balance, and teamwork, vaulting is inherently therapeutic, lending itself naturally to both advanced and basic exercise. The accessibility of the tack used in vaulting—pad and surcingle—is well-suited to those who benefit from sensory input or have difficulty with fine motor skills among other challenges. An experienced lunger is responsible for the horse, which provides a safe riding experience while preserving a sense of independence for the mounted vaulter. With one horse being used at a time, group vaulting lessons foster a spirit of togetherness, communication, and support. Vaulting offers something for everyone and can be adapted to suit the needs of anyone who is interested. 

Adaptive lessons can be scheduled one on one or in a group setting. Vaulting is fantastic for sensory integration, bilateral coordination, core stability, overall strength, body awareness, spacial awareness, and helping with PTSD.