Competitors are judged on their ability to smoothly and technically execute movements and routines in harmony with the horse. The compulsory exercises set the foundation for basic skill development while the freestyle routines are judged on a degree of difficulty/content, composition or artistic expression, and performance. During these routines, vaulters will face all four directions and cover all parts of the horse. Additionally, the horse receives a score based on its quality and consistency of gait, temperament, and overall turnout. There are progressive levels that competitors work through at varying gates of the horse. Vaulters start working with horse at a walk, then progress to the horse trotting, and eventually work with horse at a canter.  There are also different competitive classes within each level including; individual (1 person on the horse), Pas De Duex (2 people on the horse), and Team (consisting of 6 people rotating through up to 3 people on the horse at one time).

Recreational Vaulting  

*All recreational programs also have the option to compete in age and level appropriate classes*


 Adult Vaulting  (ages 18+)

​The Adult Program at Vaulters Del Sol is a winning combination of athleticism, horsemanship, and fun.  Ideal for the weekend adventurer, this class invites the physical training and discipline of the competitive program into an environment that is laid back and encouraging.  From the conditioned athlete to the stay-at-home yogi, if you’re looking for a work out that combines dance, gymnastics, and horses in the beauty of the sunny Sandia Mountains then the adult program definitely has something for you. 

“Learning from Greta is a joy and a privilege.  Her confidence, skill, encouragement, and commitment to safety make conquering some challenges feel effortless.  In the six short months that I began regularly vaulting in the adult class, I’ve seen marked improvements in both my physical abilities and my general confidence and emotional well-being.  This class not only trains you physically but helps you relax mentally, and each week I genuinely look forward to tackling obstacles and also having fun.”  Melissa Neal 

Competitive Vaulting 

The competitive program at Vaulters Del Sol has a strong emphasis on competing against yourself and not others to achieve your goals. It is a fun way to challenge yourself and sets a deadline for achievement. It opens the door for travel, making new friends, and is a great way to show off all your hard work and dedication. Always striving to make personal improvements, perfect practice makes perfect. Vaulters Del Sol combined holds 14 national titles and numerous Regional titles. Competition is available for all ages, levels, and abilities and there are a broad range of classes to suit anyone and everyone's needs.  

Vaulters Del Sol

"The sun shines not on us but in us" Jonh Mur 

Tiny Tot Vaulting ​ (ages 3-5)

​The Tiny Tot program is a great safe way introduce your child to horses while setting a foundation of basic athletic components. Children will gain important skills such as coordination, balance, rhythm, core strength, and much much more. They will learn basic movements and static poses that will be practiced on and off of the horse. They practice in a small group setting so it also teaches teamwork, sharing, turn taking, and communication. This is a fun, safe, and interactive way to incorporate animals and age appropriate exercise.